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Markham Cherry Almond Biotin (Sulfate Free) Shampoo 8oz

Markham Cherry Almond Biotin (Sulfate Free) Shampoo 8oz

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Cherry Almond Biotin (Sulfate Free) Shampoo 8oz

A daily shampoo, which provides body, sheen, and manageability. Natural moisture-rich agents combined with polymers work together to cleanse condition and protect normal, healthy hair. Scientifically formulated with Biotin (vital to growth) to help reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth when used in conjunction with the Markham Biotin-Plus System.

  • Liposomes loaded with Biotin, deliver the Biotin to the hair, Hair bulb, and scalp, to nourish, rebuild and revitalize
  • Botanicals (naturally derived from plants and flowers)
  • Liposomes loaded with Keratin Tri-Molecular/Tri-Action
  • Proteins delivered to the medulla, cortex, and cuticle
  • Nutrients and Vitamins help create a healthy environment
  • Enriched with nutrients-vitamins, proteins, panthenol, lecithin, nucleic acids, and essential fatty acids
  • pH balanced 4.5-5.5 | Sulfate-free - not strip color
  • Provides superior body, luster, and manageability and Improves the performance of any conditioner or treatment program
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