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Markham "The Dynamic Duo" for Severely Dry / Damaged Hair

Markham "The Dynamic Duo" for Severely Dry / Damaged Hair

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Markham "The Dynamic Duo" for Severely Dry / Damaged Hair

8oz Markham PHR (Protein Hair Re-moisturizer) The Ultimate Conditioner

  • Formulated to correct dry, damaged hair and to replace moisture without over-conditioning. Special blend of Emollients, Moisturizers, Tri-Molecular / Tri-Action Proteins, Amino Acids and Keratin Protein penetrates deep into the hair, imparting a soft, elegant feel. PHR revitalizes hair which is dry due to chemical and/or environmental exposure. 

8oz Markham Liquid Hair (Protein Re-constructor)

  • The one re-constructor to repair and prepare hair for perms, color or treatments. Brings thin, weak hair to life, restores strength and elasticity. Unique formulation helps repair cuticle damage, leaving fine, limp hair full of body and shine.

How it works?

For the ultimate Power Protein Pak Treatment that will revitalize and help mend damaged hair, use together:
  • Markham PHR (Protein Hair Re-moisturizer)
  • Markham's Liquid Hair (Protein Re-constructor)
  • Mix equal parts in a small container until you achieved a "medium" consistency
    Focus on your ends (all your hair that you can pull back on a ponytail)
    Leave on the hair for a minimum of 10 minutes (heat will speed penetration) and rinse thoroughly
Markham's PHR (Protein Hair Re-moisturizer) provides the moisture your hair needs.
The Liquid Hair (Protein) mends the damage ends you may have
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